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Who is Jon Gitelson?

29th September 2011 | Closed

~ born in New York City 1975 ~ currently lives in Chicago ~ mediums he works in are photography, book art, and film ~ had a one man show in Chicago at Peter Miller Gallery ~ received an MFA at Columbia College ~ teaches at many institutions   In an artist statement, it is stated […]

Who is Matt Siber?

22nd September 2011 | Closed

~ 1972, born in Chicago ~ grew up in Brookline, MA ~ received a Bachelor’s from University of Vermont in History and Geography ~ later received a MFA from Columbia College Chicago in Photography ~ worked as a freelance commercial photographer for various clients ~ more recently primarily a gallery artist working in photography, digital […]

photo narrative contact sheet

18th September 2011 | Closed

Who Is Robin Rhode?

15th September 2011 | Closed

Robin Rhode: ~ is a South African artist ~ born in 1976 ~ from Cape Town, South Africa ~ currently based in Berlin, Germany ~ predominantly works with materials such as charcoal, chalk, and paint ~ started with performances coming from his drawings that he interacts with ~ then went into photography and digital animations […]

Photo Narrative

13th September 2011 | Closed


Camera Settings

12th September 2011 | Closed

  These are photographs taken on my digital camera experimenting the various settings on it.  These settings starting from top left, I had used were color accent, portrait, indoor, color swap, manual, night snapshot, digital macro, and auto with sepia.

Alec Soth

6th September 2011 | Closed

                      – born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1969 – born and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota – has been in many solo and group exhibitions – he also started up his own publishing company called the Little Brown Mushroom   Alec Soth is an American photographer.  […]

What are digital approaches to fine art?

4th September 2011 | Closed

When someone asks what comes to your mind about art, many would say painting, sculpture, drawing, and poetry.  They may also mention that is where they see beautiful pieces when done well.  What some people may not recognize as art is digital art.  Digital art is something more than what the human eye can see […]