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Who is Stephen Vitiello?

30th November 2011 | Closed

Stephen Vitiello, as a fourteen year old, started out playing guitar in 1978 in a punk band.  At the of twenty-four, Vitiello worked as a curator for video and sound art exhibitions.  He is known as both a visual and sound artist.  In 1991, Vitiello met Nam June Paik (video artist) whom he later worked […]

final project: hour 4

30th November 2011 | Closed

final project: hour 3

28th November 2011 | Closed

final project: hour 2

28th November 2011 | Closed


plan for final project: hour 1

28th November 2011 | Closed

I plan to make a video.  I want to ask around about other’s interpretations of my theme.  I will be taking photos of my interpretation of the theme I chose which is man v. nature and incorporate them into the video I will make.  The colors will be as they come out to be on […]


17th November 2011 | Closed


Who is Paul Pfeiffer?

17th November 2011 | Closed

Paul Pfeiffer was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1966.  He is an American video artist and includes found footage in his work.  Pfeiffer received a BFA in printmaking at San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA at Hunter College.  Since then he has both lived and worked in New York since 1990.  Pfeiffer has had […]

Who is Bill Viola?

14th November 2011 | Closed

Bill Viola was born in 1951 and grew up in New York.  He is known for doing works of art in video art, electronic art and new media art.  Viola graduated from Syracuse with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 1973.  His first job after graduation was a video technician at Everson Museum of Art.  […]

muybridge animation

10th November 2011 | Closed


8th November 2011 | Closed