Who is John Blatter?

John Blatter was born in 1972.  He is a sound and video artist just as Stephen Vitiello.  As far as education goes for Blatter, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University and received an M.F.A. in sculpture, The Ohio State University to receive B.F.A. in in Sculpture and University of Central England for international exchange. In 2004, he was a teaching assistant in History of Media Art Survey at VCU in the Kinetic Imaging Department.  In 2005, he was a teaching assistant again at VCU but in Beginning Sculpture for non-majors in the Sculpture Department.  Now, Blatter’s current working experience is a visual artist, Editor-in-Chief at Daily Constitutional, Adjunct Professor in Time Studio at VCU Art Foundations, Studio Assistant for Kendall Buster and Production Assistant in Performing Arts at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

I actually found his documentation interesting.  I actually had walked away from my computer while listening to one of the documentations of his, it was simulcast, and it took me a minute to catch on that each racer he announced came up in a place were all artists names including himself.  I thought to myself wait a second…he is actually naming all other artists in his piece which I found different because not to many artists I know of has done the same idea that Blatter had taken.

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