final project: hour 20


It’s complete!

final project: hours 18 & 19

I watched my video over and over again and added changes where needed and moved things around to where they needed to be.

final project: hours 16 & 17

For this amount of time I searched through some more of my pictures and added some more in.  I also added my last two interviewees after some editing.

final project: hours 14 &15

I again do not have a picture to show where I am at in my process.  For the next post I will not show any image of where I am at in the process because I would like to just surprise everyone with my finished product! For these two hours I spent adding more interviewees and editing them as well as placing them in their proper spots in the video.

final project: hours 12 & 13

I do not have a picture to post on this one…but I basically just walked around some more for inspiration.

final project: hours 8-11

I have spent a couple of hours taking hundreds of pictures this passed weekend and then another couple of narrowing down some pictures not needed.




final project: hour 7






started my video editing process today…off to a good start!

final project: hour 6







I was only successful with five interviews within an hour…who knew people were so unhelpful with a college student’s project.  Oh well…I will just go out again and hopefully be more successful with the next round…

Who is Vito Acconci?

Vito Acconci was bron on January 24, 1940 in Bronx, New York.  He is known as a Brooklyn-based designer, landscape architect, performance and installation artist.  Acconci attended Regis High School in New York City.  In 1962, he received a B.A. in Literature from the College of the Holy Cross and an M.F.A. in Literature and poetry from the University of Iowa.  Acconci started out as a poet and worked with Bernadette Mayer in editing 0 To 9 in late sixties.  Around that same time he switched gears and went with being a performance and video artist using himself as the subject.  His work was known to be labeled as confrontation and situationism. Mid seventies, he expanded into audio/visual installations.  Acconci has taught at many schools such as Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, California Institute of the Arts, Cooper Union, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Yale University, Pratt Institute, and Parsons School of Design.  Acconci currently teaches at Brooklyn College in the Art Department and Performance and Interactive Media Arts programs.

One video I found on Acconci I found really creepy.  An example would be the first link listed below.  I think what’s creepy is the music chosen for this piece and the tone of his voice along with what he is actually saying.  I feel my overall feeling about this artist is as I previously stated.  He is just really creepy to me.  I do like his different take on being an artist but its just too creepy and weird for me.

theme song 1973 part 1






Who is John Blatter?

John Blatter was born in 1972.  He is a sound and video artist just as Stephen Vitiello.  As far as education goes for Blatter, he attended Virginia Commonwealth University and received an M.F.A. in sculpture, The Ohio State University to receive B.F.A. in in Sculpture and University of Central England for international exchange. In 2004, he was a teaching assistant in History of Media Art Survey at VCU in the Kinetic Imaging Department.  In 2005, he was a teaching assistant again at VCU but in Beginning Sculpture for non-majors in the Sculpture Department.  Now, Blatter’s current working experience is a visual artist, Editor-in-Chief at Daily Constitutional, Adjunct Professor in Time Studio at VCU Art Foundations, Studio Assistant for Kendall Buster and Production Assistant in Performing Arts at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

I actually found his documentation interesting.  I actually had walked away from my computer while listening to one of the documentations of his, it was simulcast, and it took me a minute to catch on that each racer he announced came up in a place were all artists names including himself.  I thought to myself wait a second…he is actually naming all other artists in his piece which I found different because not to many artists I know of has done the same idea that Blatter had taken.

Infomercial – As Seen On TV
light media

unattended ideas


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